Coming Up in Week 2

On tap for August 24 and 26 — we will have a second go at some technology, and for those who are having trouble I’ll give a quick tutorial in using our web portal, setting up a blog, and the like. But, most of our time will be spent looking at the intersection of ecology and human settlement in the early days. We will be considering particularly how elevation and precipitation affected Andean settlement right from the start.

We will also be discussing pp. 1-92 of the Benson and Cook book, Ritual Sacrifice in Ancient Peru. This first reading includes chapters on the importance of sacrifice in early Andean cultures, as well as specific analyses of decapitation, blood letting, fertility, sacred weaving, and more, particularly amongst the Moche.

Where, you might ask, were the Moche located? Moche settlements were concentrated on the northwest coast of present day Peru, and flourished between 100 and 800 CE. The Moche were preceded on the north coast by the Cupisnique, who flourished for a millennium and a half, beginning around 1500 BCE.



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I’m looking forward to a great semester.